Why Avoid Rental Carpet Cleaners

 rental-rug Training- It’s critical to know what cleaning method and agents are the most effective for problem areas.  Unless you have a background in chemistry or have been professionally trained in carpet or upholstery cleaning, you may regret using a rental cleaning system.  A professional can distinguish the ph needs and setting of the issue and will be able to resolve the problem area by using a specialized cleaning solution.   Rental units will come with cleaning products that are fairly inert and ineffective as they have to minimize their liability. 
back-van   Power- That supermarket rental is limited by needing to be in a small package to fit in the aisle.  It’s also limited in that it relies on your home’s electricity.   The level of strength in your cleaning system is directly proportional to how dry your carpet or upholstery will be after the job is done.  A professional unit leverages the engine in a van mounted cleaning system. 
carpet-steam Heat- Temperature is a key factor in how clean your carpet or upholstery will get in the process.  If your water is limited by the heat supplied by your hot water heater and the downtime of the trips back and forth to a faucet to refill your rental unit, then you are leaving soil and residues in the carpet which will break it down over time.
time   Time- A certified professional has seen your issue literally hundreds of times.  Instead of using a one-size-fits all method or cleaning agent to attempt to resolve the issue, trust Longo Carpet Cleaning and Restoration to resolve your issue.  We’ve been doing this for almost thirty years and we guarantee your satisfaction.






Is It Time to Clean Your Oriental Rug?

Sometimes beauty comes as a double edged sword.  The intricate designs and coloring which we enjoy most about our oriental rugs can also be a a great hindrance.  Soil, dirt, and other debris are easily hidden by the patterns in most oriental rugs.




There are a few ways you can test to see if your oriental rug is ready for our service.

  • A great indicator that you need servicing is if you see that the fringes on the rugs are frayed or worn.  Ask us about how we can repair those fringes and even restore worn edges.
  • Fold back your rug under some of the most trafficked areas.  If you can see any dust or dirt that your regular vacuuming hasn’t removed, it’s time to clean your oriental rug.
  • If any part of your rug is located underneath furniture, try to remove the furniture.  If you can see a difference in the coloring of the rugs, the rug needs to be cleaned.

The best way to ensure that your rug is enjoyable for the maximum time is to regularly clean your rugs.  Sand, grit, and soil are hard to see with the rugs, but as they go unseen they cut the fibers, destroy the structure, and cause the rug to fade.


Did you know that we’ll come to you and pick-up your oriental rugs?   Call Us 



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We Are Expanding Our Ways of Reaching You

We are always looking for more efficient and convenient ways to serve our customers.  Recently, we've partnered with Thumbtack to bring you another way to have the most outstanding service experience ever.  Among all of our other services, feel free to check out our carpet cleaning service at Thumbtack.




How to Clean Up a Spill and Keep Your Carpet Safe

clean spill use napkins 1) Generously apply napkin, paper towels or other heavily absorbant cloth. You want to make sure you stay away from any colored materials that may bleed onto the affected area.  Remember the bigger the stack the better a chance that you will pull out more of the stain.
2) Now you'll compress your napkins, towel, or cloth to absorb the maximum amount of moisture.  A good way to do this is to step on the material.  Continue to do this until you notice that you are not pulling up any more of the stain.  By all means, do not rub or scrub the area. clean-spill2

3) Now you will want to apply a professional spotting solution or agent.  Remember, don't use spot removers that are available at your local hardware, home improvement, or grocery store! Most of them will leave behind a residue which attracts soil over time that will destroy your carpet.  Instead, ask us how to get a bottle of spotting agent!


4) If your stain is organic like a pet urine stain, only use spotters that are labeled for pet use.  Their urine will become alkaline from being exposed to oxygen. Organic Spotter Agents are used to neutralize this alkalinity.  It is imperative that you get your carpet cleaned as soon after the accident as possible, the remnants that can still be left behind after you clean will discolor your textile and collect odor causing bacteria.


5) Reapply Steps 1&2 over time until the area gets professional attention to ensure optimum results

How to Choose a Carpet Cleaning Company


Don't let just anyone through your door!  You owe it to yourself to answer these four questions before trusting your beautiful carpet, upholstery, rugs, or other flooring to a carpet cleaning company.


Be sure that you do not base your decisions on anything else than what is documented as you can be told virtually anything over the phone.

What makes your company unique to other carpet cleaning companies?

Look out for a company that prides itself on the lowest price.  You subject yourself to either mediocre quality as the business has to do a higher volume of work to remain profitable or you will be dealing with a cookie cut business that doesn't care about your individual needs.  We frequently uncover sloppy work or questionable practices done by firms like this when we've been asked to service an area that they have previously serviced.


Are all of your technicians licensed, certified, and insured?

Any company is only as strong as their front line employees.  Your precious carpets, rugs, upholsteries, and other flooring deserve to receive thorough, educated service that takes each unique need into consideration.   A hand woven oriental rug has a unique procedure and shouldn't receive the same service that is necessary on a living room carpet.  If you settle for an answer of no to this question, you are risking color damage, warping, fading, oversaturation, and other nightmares that do happen.


What kind of a guarantee do you provide?

This will tell a lot about the company you are considering.  If their guarantee comes with alot of confusing disclaimers or they simply don't offer one - you are gambling with even using this company.  If they do guarantee their service be sure you have it in hard documentation to ensure that you have something to stand on should something go wrong.


Any honest carpet cleaning service would be up front and tell you that even a perfect cleaning of a carpet may require a second visit due ot the nature of the soil or stain along with other factors.  You should demand to be protected from having to pay twice to solve one problem or even worse having to pay for their damage caused by ignorance.


Do you have recent customers that I can contact to ask about your quality of service?

A company telling you that they cannot provide referrals should raise flags.  It usually means they aren't proud of the level of service that they provide.  A company that prides itself on referrals as being it's main source of new business understands that every job is not only being evaluated by their customer, but many more potential customers that will witness their work after they've left.


Sometimes a company may ask to call you back with this information as they may need to confirm that their customers are still okay with being contacted.  This is a good sign as it shows a commitment to providing you with fresh referrals versus having a list of 2 to 3 customers that could be relatives or have alterior motives to provding you with feedback.


We've Created a You Tube Channel

The Proof Is In the Pudding

Longo Carpet Cleaning and Restoration YouTube channel

It's not enough to simply tell you that you'll love the results after we talk about our professional carpet cleaning, upholstery clearning, or oriental rug cleaning.  You may not believe us if we simply put text up on our website that we thoroughly clean and restore fire and water damage.  You might even suspect that we're embellishing on the truth when we share testimonials about our many satisfied customers in the Pioneer Valley.

That's why we've created a YouTube channel to show you the first hand account of the difference that Longo Carpet Cleaning and Restoration can make when you need us.  Feel free to subscribe to the channel and you never know, you may just run into a YouTube only coupon... Thank you in advance for following us.  Click here if you would like to subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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