Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Longo Carpet Cleaning can keep your hardwood floors looking clean through our simple maintenance process.  We can erase minor scratches and restore the look of the floor through adding an additional layer of polyurethane finish. 

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Our 7-Step Process Includes the Following Steps

Step 1: Pre-Inspection
Survey the floor for any contaminants such as oils, waxes, or other areas of concern.  We'll decide the plan of action and discuss an problem areas with the customer where necessary.

Step 2: Area Preparation
Obstructions such as furniture and carpet or rugs are moved if they hinder our ability to clean the wood.

Step 3: Dry Soil Removal
Debris, dust, and other loose particles are vacuumed and removed from the floor. This step of the process is crucial to the longevity and the final look of the refinishing.

Step 4: Cleaning

We use the industry's leading cleaning products and the best equipment.  The cleaning process is dust-free and we successfully remove all surface pollutants without damaging the underlying wood.

Step 5: Re-Coating
The existing finish on the floor is chemically prepared and a new polyurethane coating is applied. This product is safe for the environment and is designed for heavy usage areas.  

Step 6: Drying
Next, we get you back to using the floor as quickly as possible as we use industrial-grade dryers to speed up the drying process.

Step 7: Post-inspection
After the service is complete, we'll walk you through what we've done and review the progress and ensure satisfaction with our customer.

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